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Competition Wheels & Tyres

The Cygnet's original OEM wheel tyre combination includes bespoke 16" x 6" wheels with 175/60 R16 Bridgestone B250. For rally and street use the stock wheels were retained but with Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 tyres that have increased grip in both wet and dry, with only a slight increase in their wear.


In order to enhance the Cygnet's acceleration for sprints and hill climbs a larger width but smaller diameter wheel/tyre combination was investigated. Using to ensure that the tyres would not project outside of the body work or foul the suspension, 15x7.0 ET38 wheels were chosen with 205/50 R15 tyres. The common 4x100 stud pattern meant that there are plenty of wheels available, and 356 Wheels TFS4 steel grey alloy wheels are avialable from Driftworks, while road legal Nankang NS-2R competition tyres are obtained from Demon Tweeks. Return to KM12ZSZ.

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