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The Cygnet is back... albeit as a V8 one-off

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed on 12 July 2018 the public and press alike were stunned by the return of the Cygnet – in V8 form. Dubbed the ‘The Ultimate City Car’, a one-off Aston Martin Cygnet was built with a 4.7-litre, 430bhp V8 engine from the Vantage S. According to Aston Martin, the V8 Cygnet was “brought to life for a single customer through the ‘Q by Aston Martin – Commission’ service.”


The starting point of the project was a right-hand drive Cygnet steel body shell and panels. A roll cage was welded in with the addition of a new front bulkhead and transmission tunnel to accommodate the 4.7-litre naturally aspirated V8 from the Vantage S. The subframes and suspension were also derived from the previous generation Vantage. The gearbox is also taken from the V8 Vantage S with a seven-speed Sportshift II transmission taking care of the shifting. Power is transferred via a miniature torque tube to the 9.5” rear wheels, which are complemented by 275/35 Bridgestone tyres.


The V8 Cygnet caused a media frenzy, and everyone decided that despite its impracticality this is what the Cygnet deserved.

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