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While I enjoy my DB9 for road trips and longer business trips, and I race a DB7, I was finding it impractical and inconvenient given my daily compute is less than 3 miles in each direction. What I needed was a city car that was comfortable, economic, reliable, and with sufficient space to do the weekly shopping. Enter the Cygnet.

Searching the adverts in 2015, I found a 2012 manual gearbox car in almond green (1 of 5 green cars made according to records) with black leather and contrasting green stitching, at what was Aston Martin Tyne & Wear, where I made their newest salesperson Adam Stokes’ day by making his first sale. The car had done less than 20,000 miles in 3 years with its 2 previous keepers.

Since my ownership I have put on an additional 7000 miles in 5 years mainly commuting, but with some longer journeys. Based upon recent “For Sale” the car has increased in value since I purchased it and is now worth more than new.

“Kimi” (from its number plate) is a pleasure and gains more attention that its larger sister the DB9. Most people have never heard of a Cygnet, but a few who approach me are knowledgeable. Interestingly everyone likes it, despite the on-line reputation when they were new.

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